Blog It And They Will Come.

If you’re hoping for a “Blog it and they will come” field of dreams, you can forget that. Recent statistics from blog search engine Technorati show that a new blog hits the Internet every 7.8 seconds! Sheesh, talk about having to rise above the noise level to be heard, how in the world are you going to get eyeballs glued to your blog when there is so much competition out there? Unlike e-zine subscriptions or autoresponder mailings, it’s not the quantity of visitors that counts, it’s the quality of the visitors as well as how often they return to continue reading your blog. Quality, in this case, refers to how often they click on revenue-generating links in your blog and how often they buy something that you’re blogging about. Of course, if you’re operating an altruistic blog that has no revenue-generating features, then you are only concerned about how often the readers return to bask in the illumination of your knowledge, expertise, biting sarcasm or humor. Either way, those are the two measurements of a successful blog. Now don’t get me wrong, the number of readers is important, of course, but it’s better to have 1,000 faithful readers who return regularly than it is to have 5,000 readers who come once and you never see them again after that. There is no free traffic! I love when bloggers say “I won’t pay for traffic. I can get it for free”. Nothing is “free” my friend. You will either pay for traffic with money or you will pay for traffic with your time. Neither way is “free”. So what you have to do is decide which of these situations describe you best: A) You have more money than time. If you are so blessed, then you need to develop an advertising plan to help you spend your money wisely. An advertising plan requires you to research the different advertising programs that are available, study the demographics of the traffic that you’ll be receiving, make a budget, set up test purchases and analyze the final results. Well, you don’t HAVE to develop an advertising plan. You can always just throw money at different potential solutions and hope for the best. If you do that enough times then you will automatically end up in the “B” category of “more time than money” because all of your money will be gone and you still won’t have any traffic. B) You have more time than money. You’ve got a great blog going, the few people who show up already absolutely love it, but you’re in a financial crunch. Is there any hope for you? Yep, there’s plenty of hope. What you’ll need though is a lot on ingenuity and the time to turn your smarts into traffic. Believe it or not, you should still develop an advertising plan because even though you’re not spending cash, you are spending time. Time IS money and if you waste time then you’re wasting opportunities to get traffic to your site. No matter which way you end up paying for your traffic, time or money, you should first make an investment in buying some “knowledge” from people who have already been there, done that and got the T-shirt. That way you can spend less and get more bang for your buck or your time. Published at:

Distance Education: Education Through Distance Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. As we grow so does our need to know more. To aid this learning through life, we have many options, thanks to the world turning into a global village. Moreover, with competition being the buzzword today, the mantra for survival is the right career decisions made at the right time! Distance Education is increasingly becoming popular all over the world due as it has many benefits. The main benefit of it is that a people can continue education while continuing their work. Essentially, the need of the hour today is a one-stop shop for all your queries pertaining to education. Distance Education brings the opportunity to study all over the world. There are many refurbished websites that caters to the ever-changing needs of students, parents and academicians. Students can enroll for various courses and they do not need to attend regular classes. Today, with advanced technology, you don’t need to visit the institute at all, just enroll for courses available in internet. There are many courses and features that you can enroll for like:- Executive MBA: Extensive information on executive education, management studies, trends, and courses available. Distance Learning: Distance learning courses, universities, concepts, purpose, benefits, etc. Toolkit: Mind enhancers, communication skills, perfect resume, interview guide, and more! Study Abroad: Unlike other websites dedicated to education, here, all information on study abroad is classified country wise, so whether you are looking for info for study in UK or study in Singapore, you know where to click! While enhancing your career, distance education is the decent options to obtain best education, many people require the education to give them the knowledge, believability, and expertness to effect positive change in today’s society. Distance Education is a comprehensive education and open learning programs, means you study in your own time anywhere. So whether it is choosing the right career path, seeking admission in colleges, funding education or looking for professional advice. Needless to say, Distance Education is a boon to students, parents and academicians, more like anyone who is interested in lifelong learning! Published at:

Colorado Massage Education – Massage Education And Practice Regulations In Colorado

If you are planning to get an education in Colorado massage, it is very important that you understand all the state regulations. For some time, there were no state regulations on massage therapy, but within the past couple of years, more and more states are beginning to regulate this profession. In July of 2008, Colorado became one of the states to start regulating this profession, and it definitely won’t be the last, with other states close behind when it comes to the regulation of massage therapy. The Massage Therapy Practice Act, which was passed in Colorado, specifically defines what massage therapy is considered by law. Of course, not only does the law give a definition of what massage is all about, but it also sets up some requirements for those who are going to be legally practicing Colorado massage. Here is a look at some of the requirements you’ll need to meet if you want an education and then a profession in massage therapy within this state. You can read more about the The Massage Therapy Practice Act by visiting Approved Program In order to practice Colorado massage, one of the things you’ll need to do is go through an approved program. You should get a diploma or degree from the program and it is required that the program totals to 500 or more hours of clinical work and course work. This program must be given at a massage school that has been approved as well. Pass an Examination Another thing you’ll need to do in order to practice massage in Colorado is to make sure you pass one of the approved examinations. These examinations can include the National Certification Examination, The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination, or another examination that has been approved. If you cannot pass these exams, then you will not be able to practice massage therapy within the state legally. Criminal History Check In order to register with the state in massage therapy, you will also need to go through a criminal history background check. The state wants to know that you have a clean background before they allow you to go out and practice massage therapy. This is a very hands-on type of practice, so the state feels that this is necessary before you can be registered. If you want to practice Colorado massage therapy, you will need to meet all of these requirements by law. The law actually says that you can’t call yourself a massage practitioner, a registered massage therapist, a masseuse, a massage therapist, or an RMT or MT unless you have registered with the state. If this is the profession you want to get involved in, then it is very important that you take a good look at these Colorado requirements to ensure that you meet them and then work to get your state registration so you can legally practice. It will be well worth the time and effort you invest in your education in massage. Published at:

Forex Trading Education – The Distinction Between Private Forex Education and Academic Education

The main intention behind learning about forex trading is to increase the skills on trading that can help you trade independently and to make your own money through the forex trading. Most of the forex traders are individuals trading from their home to their comfort but not the institutional traders, sponsored with huge investments by business organizations. The distinction between private forex education and academic education You need a realistic forex trading education if you are a forex trader who is trading individually in the market since it includes real time trading features and lets you know making money from your trades rather than the complete education that involves the details of price movements, historical backdrop of forex or the dull academic statistical study of currencies and finance. You need to have or look for a proper guide who can teach you how to make profits from your trade if you are trading in the Forex to make money. And this is what you should look for planning your personal learning plan or forex trading education. “Trader, Know Thyself” Examining your trading profile is important. I mean, whether you want to be a day trader who trades several times in a day and can you spend some time on trading terminal, inspecting the prices or you operate better as swing trader who makes a trade within days or want to be trader for long term who can hold a trade for weeks. Different time frames are chosen by different types of traders and all trading methods are different from each other. It means that you need to know which type of trading you want to learn. Risk Profile Your own risk profile should be your next concern. What type of trader are you conservative or aggressive? It’s an important feature of the forex education, because if you are a trader who is conservative will not fit into day trading the forex since a conservative trader doesn’t look for multiple trades in a day. On the opposite side, it is suitable to learn to be a day forex trader for an aggressive trader since the trader would like to be skillful in day trading. You can only start with the suitable course for you only by knowing your risk profile. Trading Platform Forex trading platform what can it do with the forex education of yours? Plethora! A forex trading platform should be appropriate for the type of trading you do, because trading indicators are needed to you in your trading platform for charting interface. You need a trading platform that has the necessary indicators to implement your trading method. You need to work out your strategies in trading by using a demo account. Gaining Experience in Trading Want to lessen your learning curve as forex trader then get a trade simulator for yourself and work out your strategies until you make consistent profits by your trading method before trading in real time. With the trade simulator you can gain experience of years in just weeks because of the huge information provided by it. Mini Forex Trading Account It is important for a new forex trader to have a mini forex trading account since it can greatly reduce the risks as he makes a good practice of the knowledge he has in forex trading. Using mini forex trading account reduces the risk since low capital is enough for a trader to start a trade and has more control. This way he can maintain discipline while trading since no worry to loose big amounts. By following the above strategy any person can get forex education and training to be a private or professional trader in forex. Published at:

Globalshiksha is an Education Portal That Connects Education Seeker With Education Provider

Get information related to colleges, schools, universities, institues, management quota admission, NRI quota admission, Events and news at Online education – This kind of education is the technique of educating people through the Internet. Staring an online MBA program is easier than presence a customary classroom MBA program but it still isn’t easy. If you want to make a career in Information technology, then you can choose IT Courses like MCA, BCA or MSc. But if you want to make a career in business management, then MBA is best option for you. An online MBA graduate reflects on her graduate program two years later, recalling the experience and discussing how the degree has helped boost her career in educational administration. If you really want to make a good career, then education is most important factor. There are lots of good career courses available. All of these courses have its own importance. Pursuing your MBA online is your wise decision because an MBA prepare you to face more challenges tasks in your career and equip yourself to meet the pre-requirement of any managerial position. It’s hard to work all day and come home and then attend class online and do homework. So a lot of people who are considering signing up for an online MBA program want to know if an online MBA program will really their career enough to make it worth the effort. MBBS courses in India are business courses, computer courses, engineering courses, career and vocational training, language courses and much more. These online courses are considered as the realistic mode of improving one’s career profile. In online courses, at least 80 percent of content is disseminated online. Thus, there is hardly any face-to-face interaction with faculty and instructors. Engineering students can be expecting to work in one of the maximum paying careers for a new graduate. A reasonable online engineering degree program is a way to start cashing in on the superior salary faster than if the degree was obtained through a more luxurious customary campus based university. There is an extensive range of online MBA degree courses in India. MBA in marketing, finance, human resources (HR), foreign trade, IB, MBA BE are just a few names from the vast variety online MBA courses in India. Students choose to become engineers for a variety of reasons.Engineering degrees consist of electronic & electrical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, software engineering & etc. You will need to know what skills each character has. This is where a Star Trek Online tactical guide comes into play and is important. You would have learned and tested all the engineer’s skills. An online college and university website can provide information about the various programs, colleges and universities, costs, and financial aid. Advisors are available to answer questions, and you can send for information to read at your leisure. Get more information about online MBA programs today and gets started. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Globalshiksha provide also. Published at:

College Education—America’s Dream For Gold Is Turning Brown

Summary: College isn’t needed for most jobs. College costs too much and has too much we don’t need or want. Wikipedia lists many trades for which training costs less, takes less time and has a higher likelihood for a job.

Instead of four years of college, four of medical school and four of specialty training, if I were doing it over, I might do a 2-year RN and a year of anesthesia as a friend in college did. Nurse anesthetists do the same jobs that MD anesthesiologists do, usually in rural areas and pay may be less, but a saving of about six years time and tuition. Such openings may not be as plentiful now, but it’s a good example.

Walter Williams, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, cites “The U.S. Labor Dept… the majority of new American jobs over the next decade do not need a college degree. We have a six-digit number of college-educated janitors in the U.S.”

Ohio University’s Vedder adds that there are “one-third of a million waiters and waitresses with college degress.” More than one- third of currently working college graduates are in jobs that do not require a degree, such as flight attendants, taxi drivers and salesmen.

We’ve been deceived into thinking that a college degree prepares us for a high paying job when, in most cases, it isn’t so. Google “100 entrepreneurs who succeeded without college” for an example. Among the best paid are good sales people, and there are many trades allowing a choice to suit one’s temperament.

The most practical course I took in high school was typing. High school had most of what I needed and much I didn’t need. College was more of the same non-essentials. Literature courses are mostly fiction and like TV, offer an array of erotica that spells trouble for youth under social pressure to experience everything before marriage, only to discover how different life is after marriage.

We would do well to turn the clock back a century or so to when parents taught their children as in Bible times. Men taught a trade to their sons and young ladies learned the art of cooking and home-making from mother. “You shall teach them…” is biblical wisdom that made a strong nation long before public schools became a disaster with their focus on sex education.

To consider homeschooling, one may need to move to the country to escape government tyranny of taking your child and stripping him or her of values and faith in the Bible while programming them to accept a New World Order that calls nothing sin and where everything is allowed except protest.

Dr. Florence Stratemeyer, Professor of Education at Columbia University’s Teacher College reviewed a favorite book on education by Ellen White. Stratemeyer was amazed at White’s title, Education. She saw its balanced curriculum as addressing the whole person, body, mind and spirit, saying the world was in desperate need of a moral component in education. Writing in the 1950’s, she said it was 50 years ahead of her time, but now it’s a century ahead and a good text for homeschooling!

Always Get the Preliminary Title Report – Short Sale Education

The Preliminary Title Report provides us with a wealth of information as we prepare to list and market a short sale listing. This information helps us develop a strategy, find tools, and streamline our efforts with the short sale process. Upon the initial interview with a potential client, there may be many assumptions that we will initially make, and these assumptions can be clarified with examination of the preliminary title report. What are some of the nuggets of information that are available?

Loans have been transferred

It is very common for loans to originate with one lender only to be resold on the secondary market. The original lender may choose to outsource the servicing of their loan to a third party. The lender may write off a loan and send their loan to a collections agency. The preliminary title report will identify the current owners of all the existing loans on the property, providing us with the correct destination where we will be submitting a short sale application.

Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale

If any of these are filed against the property, you will be aware of the potential timeline you have to market the property and find a buyer. You may need to take action to obtain a postponement of a trustee sale by contacting the lender to request additional marketing time.

Loan Origination Information

The date of the loan origination may be significant with respect to government programs that benefit the homeowner. For example, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) program applies to loans that originated before January 1st, 2009. The report will also show if the loan is the original loan, or if it has been refinanced – and help determine eligibility for programs such as the “Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007” or the “Home Affordable Mortgage Program”.

Other non-mortgage liens

There are several other parties that can attach a lien on a property. You will find mechanic liens from contractors who have not been paid, IRS or state tax liens for unpaid past due taxes, city liens for code violations, Homeowner Association liens for delinquent HOA dues, private party liens from loans from individuals, child support liens for past due support payments. For every single lienholder, there is a need to deliver an approval letter detailing the lienholder’s agreement to release the lien, and the agreed terms for the lien release. If you discover that a lienholder will refuse to negotiate for the release of their lien, do not take the listing, as it will not be possible for the title company to complete the close of escrow.

Ray Davis BS Education – History and Social Studies

Main Areas: Affirmations and Positive Thinking
Career Focus: Business Owner, Writer
Affiliation: The Affirmation Spot

Ray Davis is the author of The Power to Be You now available at

He is also the founder of The Affirmation Spot ( – a website offering a growing library of single-track downloadable mp3 affirmations in dozens of categories. Ray also writes and records customized affirmations for clients.

Ray has a passion for helping people identify and pursue their dreams by empowering their thinking to support goals. He has been writing, recording, sharing, and using affirmations for more than 18 years.

Ray began studying affirmations and positive thinking after a life-threatening illness at 25. His thirst for self-improvement led him to read the writings of Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many other luminaries in the fields of spirituality, mythology and motivation. He has also studied and practiced various forms of Buddhism through the years. Over time, he has melded these ideas into his own philosophy on self-development.

Ray is a writer, poet, and thinker focused on issues of personal liberty, global change, positive thinking, and motivation. He was the past editor of The Free Kansan – The Official Newsletter of the Kansas Libertarian Party. He is also an expert author at Ezine

Ray’s own daily blog called The Affirmation Spot – – focuses on these topics and others, but always with a positive bent. He also regularly features affirmations from the website in his blogs.

Ray holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies from University of Kansas. He has been writing B2B sales training and performance enhancement tools at Fortune 50 company for the past seven years.

He lives in Kansas with his wife April, his two grown step-children, and beloved labrador retriever Mia.

The Educational Benefits of Website Blogging

Blogs all over the world are being used for very different reasons, from social commentary to making money. Blogging thus has become a vital source of business, information and social interaction. It has also begun to be used within the teaching system, enabling interaction on educational issues outside the normal classroom experience.

The blogging community is vast and varied, making it the perfect way to speak out and discuss topics you are interested in. Discuss particular political issues, hobbies, social debates and information particular to your course. Like online educational journals, blogs can be used for sources of information for you interest or course, with the added bonus that you can directly interact with author and other bloggers to debate and discuss the issue.

Blogging is becoming particularly valuable to shaping the way we learn in an educational setting. The debate element encourages outside of the box thinking and enables a student to articulate themselves in a debate. It is particularly useful for the shier student, who shies away from speaking out load in class, as it allows them to still interact, get across their opinion and debate the topic without feeling uncomfortable.

So what are the main pros of using a blog in an educational setting? It encourages class mates to share, discuss ideas and debate an idea. It essentially allows people to develop their own opinion and enables them to express themselves with not many limitations. It’s a great way for an individual to develop their sense of self, their beliefs and opinions, which is vital to confidence and self-esteem levels and in turn educational performance. Not only this, a blog allows for a great amount of autonomy, allowing the person to keep any information private.

Furthermore, a blog also creates a community in itself, enabling the sharing of information and the creation of friendships. It is a great way to boost teacher-student and student-student relationships by breaking down some of the barriers in the normal classroom setting.

There are a few cons of using a blog in an educational setting as the information may be at times unreliable or biased, simply because it is based on opinion rather than fact. This can be a problem as sometimes educational blogs are seen to be factual in nature, which in often more than not true due to the very medium. Regulation can also be another issue, as rude or undesirable comments may appear time to time. This problem does mean you often have to regulate comments, which can be somewhat time consuming.

A blog if monitored and used correctly for educational purposes can be an ideal platform for discussion and self-expression, as well as a place for community and friendships.

If you’re interested in visiting website news [] – a blogging community for businesses, visit []

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Online Education Blogs

It is a burning truth that students in all parts of the world, today are hardly realizing that writing is a skill. The need to make children and your students aware of the necessity of writing skills has lead to evolution of the online education blogs.

A majority of today’s school children are reluctant to make the efforts with a pen and a paper. Even if in the elementary years, they are somehow compelled to practice writing, the task gets almost impossible once they grow up. Unlike the yesteryears, the world of modern children now occupies a whole lot of different things. They can efficiently juggle between studies, sports, computers and mobile phones. Internet, social networking and chatting have effectively captivated children all over the world. Excess technicality is also taking its toll on their imagination. Children now-a-days are most likely to write only for the purpose of chatting and mailing. At this stage, the traditional classroom literacy, failing to meet the demands of the age, is losing to online education blogs.

Children have learned to associate the only fun of writing with chatting and mails. In the classrooms, writing seems to them a bothersome task. For today’s technology-dependent students, letting them use technology is the only way to teach them learning. The surging interest of the students in writing can be counteracted by introducing them to an exciting world of writing through the technical media. Thus the online education blogs gained significance.

Children must be encouraged by the parents and teachers to compose their own blogs on a regular basis. Online education blogs, besides the networking websites, is considered to play a major role in motivating children to write. Surveys reveal that students who do not regularly access online education blogs have shown lesser writing expertise and improvements than those who have their own blogs. With better performance in schools, the children, referring to online education blogs are showing more interest in writing. This is again helpful in building their confidence, helping them to excel in writing.

Maintaining online education blogs helps the children to develop a positive attitude towards writing and learning. Not only stories, poems or online diaries, in their online education blogs, the children can also express their opinions. With the classroom teaching literacy and addressing serious sections of education, online education blogs are an interesting alternative to keep the children motivated.

Dr. Patricia Fioriello has 25 years experience in K-12 education as a teacher, principal, and central office manager. She currently publishes blogs, articles, eguides and books addressing the critical issues confronting our school’s today. Her writing services include study materials, documents and presentations. Dr. Fioriello also conducts workshops, private online tutoring and consulting for K-12 educators and the community. She is available online at

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